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Move in the Flow of the Spirit

Move in the Flow of the Spirit 1

Welcome to Impact University. The Lord is moving upon you in a new and fresh way. He is moving! He wants you to learn to flow in the Spirit when you release the word. We often prophesy in services when the wind of the Spirit blows. We release different words based on which direction the […]

My expectations

Welcome to Impact University. Having an expectation is very important. I woke up a few days ago thinking about expectation.  You should have expectations.  What are you expecting from God?  What are you expecting God to do in your life?  My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him.” Ps 62:5. […]

His WORD will release a fresh WIND over your life

His Word Post

Welcome to Impact University. Are you in the Word of God every day? It is crucial to your walk with the Lord.  Every day He speaks to us and releases fresh manna and a fresh wind over our lives. The Word of God will release the wind of God which will put wind in your […]

God’s wisdom is yours

God’s wisdom is yours 2

Welcome to Impact University. In God’s word He tells us that if we lack wisdom we should ask for it. He is ready to release revelation to us that will help us get a breakthrough in every area of our lives. There is not a situation that you will face that God has not already […]

Fresh oil for the nations

Fresh oil for the nations 3

Welcome to Impact University. God is joining together apostolic ministry teams with powerful gift mixes. He is assigning people to flow in unusual combinations of gifts. He is releasing fresh oil! America is being set up for an explosive move of fire and glory. They shall speak of the glory of thy kingdom, and talk […]

Habits of the Humble

Habits of the Humble 4

Welcome to Impact University. The Lord is working in your life daily.  Every day He is opening your eyes to see His ways. He is opening your ears to hear His voice.  He is opening your mind to dream HIS dreams for you.  It is God’s desire to promote you, to cause you to ascend […]

Transition will bring transformation

Transition will bring transformation 5

Welcome to Impact University! The Lord is committed to your growth and transformation.  This part of your journey may require transition, a migration, a change that will bring you to a new place of breakthrough.  Trust me, this transition will bring transformation in your life.  God wants to move you to a new place of […]

It’s Time To Move!

It’s Time To Move! 6

Welcome to Impact University! Your spiritual journey will include migration. A migration is a journey. All believers are on a journey.   To migrate simply means to move from one place to another. Spiritual migration means to move into new truths and new levels. Some migrations are physical and geographical. Abram had to migrate to a […]

You are MIGHTY!

You are MIGHTY! 7

Welcome to Impact University! Do you consider yourself a MIGHTY man or woman of God?  The Holy Spirit is a spirit of MIGHT.    All of us that are full of the Spirit, can operate in this strength, power, ability, insight, wisdom and so on.  You have this MIGHT in you.  Today, as you read, […]

Increase Keys

Increase Keys 8

Welcome to Impact University! The Lord wants you to be blessed!  There are many important keys in the Bible that outline to us basic principles for us to walk in to release blessings on our lives.  One of those is sowing and reaping.  When you give, you are coming in agreement with the Lord to […]