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4 Signs of Charismatic Witchcraft

One of the major spirits working in the church is seduction. People are more interested in gaining a platform, money, and influence for self-gain rather than building the kingdom and blessing others. This seducing spirit is working overtime to get preachers to open themselves up to operating in an influence that is not connected to Jesus.

Preachers are using the “gifts of the spirit” as a covert mechanism to attract the attention of people. Recently, I was reading a book from a pastor who went into the occult and came back to the Lord talk explicitly about various parts of Africa and South Africa where they have “witch doctors” that will initiate people into a secret society. The root and open door that witches use is “fame, money, and security for their future”. Many preachers fall for it and end up dealing with years of being demonized by the powers of witchcraft.

One of the witch doctors went on to emphasize to the pastor who had been inducted into their secret society that one of the ways to “gain more power” is to bring more people into their society. The people don’t have to know that this is being done to them they just have to recognize them as their spiritual father or mother.

God’s main objective in the scripture outside of building the church is to build a family. God’s primary method for world domination is the family. The enemy has been fighting for decades in marriages to destroy the family. In 2020 during the height of the riots I read what the organization BLM held as their core values. The website has since been updated but this was the statement: “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and ‘villages’ that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable,”

One of the main tools for people to be subdued by the influence of charismatic witchcraft through leaders is by the abuse of spiritual authority such by making other people who struggle with the lack of fathers and mothers in their life.

  1. Soul Domination: The most common example in contemporary American culture is a mother dominating her children. Especially her son. There used to be a best selling book in the Jewish community entitled “How To Be A Good Jewish Mother” – One of the lessons was “how to get your son to play the violin in public without using anything else other than guilt”. I have met successful business men who never develop emotional maturity because they would still turn to their mothers for every decision. I think of a family who lost so much because anytime things didn’t go the mothers way she would get migraines. The entire family would begin to tip toe around her illness not to provoke or upset her. She kept them from anything she didn’t want them to do by having migraines.
  2. Unhealthy Infatuation with Receiving Attention From A Minister: Some preachers are using “word of knowledge” as a disguise for Divination. Gaining power and knowledge from the occult to get the influence you are looking to get is not what you should be going after. Some people will travel, give thousands of dollars, and take time away from their family to be in the presence of a minister who will be able to minister to them. When we become more interested in the minister rather than God.
  3. Sacrificing Personal Needs Over The Wants Of The Leaders: There are many people who find themselves under domination of church leaders to the extent that leaders will tell them that they cannot go and fellowship with their own family because it will conflict with their church activities. I have seen families fall apart because the congregation members become slaves to the leaders. Eventually some people have made it out of this demonic influence but it takes a major work of deliverance and God to heal the people. In some cases it takes years before they join a church again and that’s if they even consider returning.
  4. Being Told You Will Be “Cursed” If You Don’t Sow Into Their Life: The members or those who are under the influence of leaders will make an appeal as if they are your “true and only family” forcing you into a what I like to call “FOG” (Fear, Obligations and Guilt). Making people give beyond their means. I have heard of pastors telling their congregation that they will not be able to prosper if they leave their church and sow their tithes somewhere else. I have also known of people whose pastor instructed them to sow on the “increase of value” of their home –– Implying to them that their home is just blessed because they are under their leadership.

It takes a lot of demonic strength to want to control the life of other people in this way. Charismatic witchcraft is founded in seduction. The Aposlte Paul warned timothy of this happening in the ministry.

“But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.” 2Timothy 3:13

This translation says seducers and other translations say “imposters”. The greek word in this passage is enchanters. Enchantment is a major practice of the occult. God is coming to deal with this occult powers. I believe we are going to see the exposure of major “ministers” who have been dealing with occult spirits.

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