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“You Tolerated Jezebel”

“But I have this against you, that you tolerate the woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, and she teaches and deceives My bond-servants so that they commit sexual immorality and eat things sacrificed to idols.” Revelation 2:20

"You Tolerated Jezebel" 1

There are millions of people who have been affected throughout history by Jezebel. We see that even though she died in 2 Kings that her trace can be found all the way to the book of Revelations. The end result of what Jezebel wants is to destruction and to be in control.

Jezebel wants to destroy and control:

  • Families
  • Leaders
  • Churches
  • Teams
  • Business Organizations
  • Worship Teams
  • Administrative Positions
  • Marriages
  • Apostolic Hubs
  • Financial Institutions
  • Ministry Networks/Denominations

Notice the scripture says “She calls herself a prophetess”. This verse suggest Jezebel has a self-appointing behavior. Some people are constantly “graduating” from one title to the next and can never be stable to maintain one position. Whenever you find someone who gives you their resume, what they can do, or simply brags about who they are and what they’ve done you should pay close attention to their behavior.

Something important to note is that Jezebel was never addressed in scripture as a “spirit”. My personal belief is that rather than it being a spirit it’s a nature. Jezebel operates and draws her strength from other demons that add to the chaos it creates by using calculated and cunning tactics.

Deception and Seduction

Another important thing to note is that Jezebel comes to deceive. Whenever you encounter a Jezebel nature you need the gift of discerning of spirts to identify the trap in a covert way to get access through teachings that are full of deception.

deceives My bond-servants so that they commit sexual immorality and eat things sacrificed to idols.” Revelation 2:20

The fruit of deception is seduction that ends up leading people to fall into sexual sin. Sexual sin opens the doors to separation, cheating, sex-addictions, soul ties, division of families, churches and a galore of other consequences.

A while ago my wife was having a dream regarding a specific person that had come into our life and the dreams were all of this person having seductive interactions with me. She had a series of dreams. A few weeks later this person was schedule to come our house and she showed up dressed very inappropriately.

I told my wife right away how uncomfortable this made me feel and we addressed it in that exact moment. She was not welcomed back. She couldn’t come back and explained why and shared our dreams. This person didn’t have a bad reaction but understood.

A few months later we began to hear stories of how seductive she was and all throughout her history in relationships she cheated or control and manipulated the outcome of what she wanted.

At the time our decision might seem aggressive but the reality is that you cannot be kind to a spirit that is trying to destroy your marriage and cause division in your family. Whenever there is a nature or demonic spirit you cannot separate it from the person. The demon needs a place where they can live. When you address the demon you cannot do it without avoid the person.

I Tolerated Jezebel

Over the last 3 years I was in this internal battle of not knowing “what was wrong with me”. Some days I was really happy and other days I’d feel so much oppression. I had people pray for me and I would feel great and then boom again that emotion would come back.

I started to examine my life and noticed a constant footprint of the Jezebel nature around me. I had not realized the amount of people, behaviors, personal and ministry decisions, and down to the amount of domination I had submitted to “tolerating Jezebel” in my life.

Earlier this year we did a teaching on Jezebel and as I was preparing for several weeks for this message God began to show me how much of that was in my own family… influencing holidays, who and what could be present in celebration to please one specific person…etc Jezebel wants to dominate your life at any cost.

I remember after doing the teaching I felt like I had gained an authority over this battle. Over the next several months I never experienced those emotions again.

Jezebel is real. Whether you want to call her a spirit, nature or entity… it’s a real attack that wants to destroy your life. Making decisions to separate yourself from people you love but their only genuine definition of loving you back is to get what they want is NOT healthy. Be free.

Jezebel wants to dominate. Jezebel wants to be in full control of who you are and what you do. Jezebel wants to turn your LOVE BONDS into FEAR BONDS.

One of the difficult decisions in the process is that you cannot be kind with Jezebel. You have to deal with it aggressively because that nature is aggressive.

We need to understand that all demonic natures need to have a place to live in and they’re often attached to people. Even though it may be hard you have to make the decision to deal with the person and you CANNOT separate the person from the nature as long as the nature is active.

If you’re battling this demonic entity in your life… DO NOT TOLERATE HER. God had something against the church for tolerating her. (Rev 2)