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The Purpose of Laying On of Hands

The Purpose of Laying On of Hands 1

The laying on of hands is a very foundational aspect of the church. Another term for the laying on of hands is “the transmitting of God’s power”. If you think about it from a logical perspective laying on of hands brings continuity to the body of Christ. It brings continuity from a senior leader to those who are discipled by this leader. It also releases the power of God from one generation to the next generation.

There are aspects of the church and the gospel that cannot be explained; they have to be experienced. Laying on of hands gives believers a supernatural experience with Jesus. In the natural realm the hand is one of the main ways that human beings make contact with one another. 

In the spiritual context there are certain purposes which are accomplished. We find in scriptures that laying on of hands is used to transmit blessings, authority, wisdom, the holy spirit, spiritual gifts, or a ministry.

6 Purposes for Laying on Hands

  1. Transmit Blessings
  2. Release Authority
  3. Impart Wisdom
  4. The Holy Spirit
  5. Impart Spirutal Gifts
  6. Establish A Ministry

Outside of these purposes there are greater purposes that laying on of hands recognizes in people.

  1. Recognizes The Function of A Gif In the Church

The laying on of hands recognizes the function of spiritual gift in the church. Jesus told the disciples “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you.” (John 15:16)

2. Laying On of Hands To Set Apart.

An important aspect of laying on of hands it is used to commission. Laying on of hands is the biblical way to commission a minister for a place of service in the body of Christ.

Apart from recognizing laying on of hands is used to set apart for a certain task in ministry. This ministry function is also used to equip; that is to transfer the spiritual gift or authority or whatever else is needed by the person to carry out their God appointed task. 

Laying On of Hands For The Wrong Purpose

There is a danger when we lay hands on someone who is not qualified or has the capacity to do the work of ministry that they are being commissioned to do. Laying hands for the wrong assignment is like connecting an appliance to an outlet that is not designed to hold that much power. There is a stark difference between the voltage in the UK and the US. An electrical device in the UK is built for a grid using 230v. The grid in the USA provides 120v of electricity. If you plug it up incorrectly you will quickly realize that it will start to smoke, could create a fire and hurt you and others. The same danger lies in laying on of hands to someone who will abuse their authority, or use their commissioning for their self gain. 

Over the years I have seen ministers lay hands on the wrong people for the purpose of maintaining their influence on them or simply because they want to benefit from the momentum of another minister. Many people lay hands on others for political optics rather than to serve the purpose of what God needs for that person. Eventually these decisions will catch up to both the person being commissioned and the leader. 

As a new generation of believers arises it’s my desire to find the young Davids and invest into them to see them active in their call, destiny, purpose, and excelling in life. I am always excited about what God will do in the next generation and eager to see what the Lord will perform through them.