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You need deliverance!

You need deliverance! 1

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It’s a great day to be free! Today, I want you to think about walking in a greater level of freedom and deliverance. You need deliverance, we all need deliverance. It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey with the Lord. There is always a greater level of blessings He wants you to walk in.

Deliverance is something that we all need in our lives.

Jesus doesn’t simply want us to go to heaven. He desires for us to be rescued, delivered, and set free while we are living on the earth, so that we can enjoy abundant life.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

John 10:10

Are you living the abundant life? Part of having an abundant life is to be saved, rescued, delivered, and made whole.  

Deliverance is not just being free or delivered from demons, demonic spirits or evil spirits.  Yes, that will happen.  However, it means so much more than that.  It mean to  be  set  free  from  oppression,  possession, torment, and evil spirits.

I want you to be free and to become equipped, so that you can be able to set someone free.

What does deliverance mean, as defined by the Word of God?

The word salvation in the Greek is a word that describes deliverance.  

To be delivered is to be saved.

When we typically think of salvation, we think of being saved from sin and going to heaven. However, salvation means much more than being saved from sin. It means to be delivered. It means to be rescued.  It means to  be  protected.  It means to  be  set  free. 

Deliverance is  found  throughout  the  scriptures, and it is an all-inclusive term.

The two Greek words for deliverance are:

Greek Word: Soteria (verb)
• Soteria is defined as  salvation and/or Savior.
• This simply means that a deliverer is a Savior.
• It’s located 45 times within the New Testament.
• Soteria is translated as deliverance, preservation, and salvation.
• It is also found 7 times in the book of Hebrews (more than any other New Testament book).
Greek Word: Sozo (noun)
• Sozo is defined as life.
• Sozo means to save, rescue, and deliver from danger, destruction, and peril.

It is evident that demons will destroy someone’s life unless they are saved and delivered from the power of unclean spirits.

The Scripture tells us in John 10:10a, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.”

Salvation is a broader term in Greek than English. Restoration to a state of safety, soundness, health, and well-being; as well as preservation from danger and destruction.

One of the primary results of deliverance is to be made whole, healed, and put back together.

We will also know that many sicknesses and infirmities are connected to demons.  When Jesus healed the  sick, He cast evil spirits out. In Matthew 8:17, Jesus fulfilled Isaiah’s prophecies written in Isaiah 53.

This was to fulfill what was spoken through the prophet Isaiah: “He took up our infirmities and bore our diseases.”

Matthew 8:17

Deliverance results in health, healing, and wholeness because you are rescued from sickness and infirmity which is often the result of spirits of sickness and infirmity.

Deliverance is  part  of  your  salvation. 

Salvation extends beyond the salvation from your sin. Salvation means to be rescued, delivered, made whole, and restored. This is why salvation and deliverance are extremely important.  There are many  people  who  need  deliverance  and  rescuing  from  evil  spirits. 

The Bible says, ‘My people perish due to the lack of knowledge.’ Ignorance of the Word of God can actually  cause  you  to  be  destroyed  and  perish.  Through knowledge they shall be delivered. Knowledge can deliver, rescue, and help you.

I want you to  think  of  deliverance  from  more  than  demons and evil spirits. Know that God will use the ministry of deliverance to set you and others free!

Be encouraged, people of God! As a child of God, deliverance is a part of your salvation.

  • As you enter into deliverance, you will be released and liberated from the power of darkness.
  • Prepare to enjoy the fullness of the abundant life and your salvation as you experience deliverance, salvation, and are rescued from evil spirits. 
  • Get ready to live in abundance.
  • You will live in a greater level of freedom.

I want to encourage you today to take some time with the Lord.  Ask him to reveal any areas of your life where you are not living the abundant life.  He will speak to you. Make a commitment to seek out your deliverance. We have many resources available to support your decision. Get free and join our deliverance courses and read the books.  Do whatever it takes!  You will live in the fullness of your salvation.  I am believing for you to live in abundance. You will overcome!

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