Impact University

The BEST gifts

The BEST gifts 1

Welcome to Impact University. You deserve the BEST gifts. God’s plans for your life are the best. God’s thoughts for you are the best. You are His son or daughter, His word is full of promises for us. For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and […]

Glory in the Good Land

Glory in the Good Land 2

Welcome to Impact University. The Lord has a place of blessing and place of refreshing for you. This is a promised place of peace and abundance. I learned a long time ago that there is nowhere greater than in the midst of God’s ordained place for me.  And blessed be his glorious name for ever: […]

Entering into God’s rest

Entering into God’s rest 3

Welcome to Impact University. It is so important to God for us to live healthy, fulfilled, happy and joyful lives.  If we want to go the distance in our walk with God, we have to learn to REST.   The Lord speaks to us not just physical rest, but also spiritual rest. In the following scripture, […]

Habits of the Humble

Habits of the Humble 4

Welcome to Impact University. The Lord is working in your life daily.  Every day He is opening your eyes to see His ways. He is opening your ears to hear His voice.  He is opening your mind to dream HIS dreams for you.  It is God’s desire to promote you, to cause you to ascend […]

Transition will bring transformation

Transition will bring transformation 5

Welcome to Impact University! The Lord is committed to your growth and transformation.  This part of your journey may require transition, a migration, a change that will bring you to a new place of breakthrough.  Trust me, this transition will bring transformation in your life.  God wants to move you to a new place of […]

Increase Keys

Increase Keys 6

Welcome to Impact University! The Lord wants you to be blessed!  There are many important keys in the Bible that outline to us basic principles for us to walk in to release blessings on our lives.  One of those is sowing and reaping.  When you give, you are coming in agreement with the Lord to […]

Live in the fullness of your inheritance

Live in the fullness of your inheritance 7

Welcome to Impact University! Imagine if a wealthy relative left you a huge inheritance. Would you be timid? Would you be fearful? I believe that you would thankfully take possession of what was rightfully yours. This is the level of faith that you should walk in as a child of God. You should be unafraid […]

Humility Sets the Time

Humility Sets the Time 8

Welcome to Impact University! There is a set time of favor and promotion! When the set time comes, God moves in powerful ways. He is the Master of planning and creating divine moments. It is imperative that you recognize His promotion when it hits your life. Give thanks and praise Him for His divine acceleration. […]

Strategy for every situation

Strategy for every situation 9

Welcome to Impact University! I want to encourage you today to seek the Lord for any situation you are facing today.  The Lord will give you new strategies to overcome and breakthrough! He is the one that will lead you into victory.  When you face a situation or are inquiring of the Lord, believe that […]

Family: God’s Plan

Family: God’s Plan 10

Welcome to Impact University! God moves through families. A family united and seeking the plans of God and committed to the ways of God is powerful. A family that loves Jesus and pursues His presence, His plans and purposes is beautiful. God has a plan for each husband and wife. God has a plan for […]