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It is so important for us to be deeply rooted and established in the Lord.

2 Chronicles 20:20 has always been one of my favorite verses, “If you believe in the Lord, your God, you’ll be established. And if you believe his prophets, you will prosper.”

What I usually do, when God gives me a particular word, I’ll look it up in the Hebrew or the Greek. I’ll try to get a better understanding of the word. When I study particular words, I try to look up all the scriptures where the word is mentioned in the Bible. I go to different translations. I look up how other translations will translate the word. I look up synonyms of the word. I look up definitions of the word, because I really want to get an understanding of what this word really means, and what God is saying to me when you hear the word “establish“.

When you hear the word “establish“, you primarily think of something that’s set, something that’s rooted, something that is stable, something that has been fixed.

I looked the word “established” up, let me give you the definition. This really helped me to understand that if you believe God, you’ll be established. The word “established” means to be firm, to be stable, to be set up, to be fixed, to be securely determined. It means to be directed the right way. It means to be steadfast, to prepare, be ready, be prepared, be arranged, be settled.

Established means to make firm or stable.”

This is the definition that really opened my understanding of what happens when you become established. Established means to make firm or stable. It means to introduce and cause to grow and multiply, to set something that will continue for a long time to reach a successful position over a period of time. In other words, when God establishes you, and you become set in your business, your dream, your vision, your family, your ministry, your church, the purpose of being established is that it positions you for more. It positions you to grow. It positions you to expand.

I began to look at David, anointed by Samuel, to be the king of Israel in his father’s house. But before he was established as king, he went through a long war with Saul. Saul tried his best to prevent David from being established as the king of Israel. There could be a period of time between when you’re anointed, and when you’re called, and when you are established.

I’ve noticed that in the many years that I have been in ministry I’ve seen people come to the house of God. They get into praise, and worship, and deliverance, and the prophetic. They get blessed. They begin to learn in the word of God.

But the moment something hits their life, it knocks them out. I’ve seen people leave the church, leave the house of God, leave the things of God. I’ve seen people backslide. It’s very heartbreaking when they go through a difficult family situation, financial situation, when they go through a marital situation, when they go through a health crisis, or where they’re hurt or offended by someone in the church, when something happens to them, it just knocks them out.

You will not be knocked out!

I’ve also seen other people who go through the similar things, but they remain steadfast. They keep coming. They keep worshiping. They keep praying. They keep pressing into the things of God.

Even though they may have the same challenges that someone else has had, they remain steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord.

Every one of us will have challenges in life. Things will come that are designed by the enemy to shake you, to disappoint you.

God not only wants you to hear about it… You have GOT TO GET ESTABLISHED in His truth!

Be ready and prepared:

  • Read the WORD
  • Grow in FAITH
  • Get the PROPHETIC word of the Lord
  • Receive and walk in DELIVERANCE
  • Make FASTING a priority
  • Daily time of WORSHIP
  • Walk in the TRUTH

Make a commitment today to getting established and rooted in His promises.

When you do, you will not be double minded. You will not waver. You will be strong and no matter what changes, no matter how people change, no matter who comes, no matter who goes, you will remain consistent. You remain steadfast. You will continue to press in and you will succeed!

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