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He Delights in showing you Favor

He Delights in showing you Favor 1
Don’t give up until you see the favor of the lord released in your life

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Our God delights in showing favor and mercy. He wants to give you favor.  He’s waiting to give you favor. He’s waiting to give you grace. All you need to do is come to Him. Some people say, “Well, I don’t want to seek God’s hand.”  It is okay to seek His hand. The Lord will open His hand and release His blessing, His grace. Don’t be so religious and say, “I just want God. I don’t want His hand.” No! His hand will be released when you find Him, God is good and He is gracious.

Our God is a gracious, kind, benevolent God.

Our God loves giving grace.

Our God loves showing favor.

Don’t listen to the lies of the devil that would say, “Oh, you’ve done too much in your past, God will never accept you.” No! God accepts any person that turns to Him.

If you need to repent, turn away from sin, come to Him in faith, ask for His favor, ask for His mercy, His forgiveness. He will give it to you.

God will change your whole nature when you come to Him, God will release His favor, His grace, His blessing, His prosperity, His abundance upon you.

Do you remember Jacob? In Genesis 32 we read that he wrestled with God all night and he would not let the man go.  Verse 26 says “ Then the man said, “Let me go, for it is daybreak.  But Jacob replied, “I will not let you go unless you bless me.”  He endured the wrestle, and he was blessed.  His name was changed from Jacob to Israel.  

What about Noah?  God showed Noah grace or favor in the midst of one of the worst times in history. We know God was going to send a flood over the whole earth because of their sin and their violence. Yet the word of God it says Noah found grace or favor in the eyes of the Lord. You can read that in Genesis 6:8. God, extended grace and favor to Noah and his family. 

God, also extended grace and favor to Joseph when he was in prison, one of the worst places you can be. The Lord rescued and delivered Joseph on several occasions.  So even in the worst situation, God released and brought favor and grace time and time again in Josephs life.  

It’s a guarantee!

I guarantee that if you begin to seek God, it doesn’t matter if you come out of a bad situation, a bad relationship, a place of poverty or lack, if you begin to seek God you will find him.  Even if no one around you wants to do it.  If you do it, if you begin to pursue God, you will begin to see God, God is a rewarder of them who diligently seek Him.


God will reward you with grace, and reward you with favor and the favor of God will be released on your life. I want you to encourage you today.

When you seek God, you’re seeking His favor, you’re seeking His face. You’re seeking the light and the favor of God that is in His face.

The Lord will shine His face upon you.”

When He shines His face upon you, it means that His favor, grace, and God’s blessings will begin to come upon your life.

So, remember: Seek God’s favor, ask for it, go after it. God will give it to you. God will bless you. God will release His favor upon your life.   

When you spend your time in the presence of God seeking His blessings, it is not a waste of time.  It will be the most valuable time you will ever spend.

If you’ve gotten away from the Lord, or if you’ve forgotten His promises and the benefits of God, Turn and come back to Him and begin to seek Him again, lay aside every sin and every weight that would deceive you and hold you back. Make Him first, turn your heart completely to Him. If you’ll come back, like the prodigal did, He will receive you.

Let’s take a moment and pray together:

Lord we are seeking you, pursuing you, learning of you, studying you, worshiping you, drawing nigh to you. You said that if we draw nigh to you, you’ll draw nigh to us. Thank you for forgiveness. Thank you for cleansing. Thank you for deliverance. Thank you for salvation. Thank you for knowledge, wisdom, understanding and grace and favor coming now.

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